Teacher Feature: Anna Taylor

Anna Taylor, Upper School Science Teacher, teaches Life Sciences for grades 9 – 12. Her courses include: Biology, AP Biology, Honors Physiology, Honors Forensic Science, and Engineering and Design. Mrs. Taylor has recently been recognized for her outstanding commitment to her students by the Alabama Teachers Credit Union, and named Calhoun County Teacher of the Month. We interviewed Mrs. Taylor to gather insight into this award-winning member of our faculty.

Q. Why do you like teaching at The Donoho School?
A: Donoho is a school of opportunity! From teaching highly motivated students to traveling abroad, Donoho provides me with opportunities and a support system I never imagined were possible.

Q. What is a unique experience, talent, or interest that you bring to your classroom to help shape the learning experience of your students?
A. As a child, I played the teacher, and as I grew up, I was always the one who helped other students. I truly believe that being a teacher is simply a part of who I am. In college, I was able to conduct research with sea urchins. As a result, I was able to conduct field research, publish papers, and present at conferences. Experiences like these prepared me to better understand the process of science and the fundamental skills students need to be successful everyday scientists.

Q. What’s your favorite part about your role at Donoho?
A. As a teacher and the Science Department Chair, I love getting to interact with the students each day, but I also enjoy collaborating with the administration and teachers to ensure the policies and curriculum are student-centered and help prepare students for their future.

Q. What have you learned as a teacher?
A. Every student is unique and special; therefore, each day, each class, and each year is cherished. I have learned to be more flexible, but most importantly, I have learned to embrace the differences.