Welcome to The Donoho Middle / Upper School

Director's welcome

Welcome to The Donoho Middle and Upper School

I am happy to welcome you to the Donoho Middle and Upper Schools! Having been in private education for the last 35 years, both in the United States and abroad, I am confident in sharing that this school is dedicated to transforming lives. Through our rigorous academic program, our caring learning community and our focus on building young adults with strong character, the Donoho graduate is well-prepared to pursue their dreams wherever that may be! Here’s why ~

The Donoho program embraces the whole student. Starting with a strong academic foundation, our students learn in a small, focused classroom environment. The majority of students want to learn, they feel comfortable asking probing questions which is strengthened by really knowing their teachers. This makes a remarkable difference in fostering a love of learning. Students are inspired by their peers to keep trying and they feel comfortable asking questions because they know their teachers. 

Donoho students are encouraged to take risks – play a new sport, try out for the school dramatic performance or even learn to play a new instrument through joining the band. The Donoho program extends beyond the school campus with signature programs like Intersession, where students travel to iconic locales immersing themselves in a new setting. Some students participate in a job shadow experience where students learn first hand about various careers. Other students organize community service activities where they give back to their community.

At Donoho, we also provide our students and families with excellent attention and guidance during the college admissions process. Our program provides helpful, practical information that allows students to find the right fit for that next chapter. This includes one-on-one meetings with the student and family early in the process so that time and energy is devoted to making this important decision as smooth as possible.

In all, Donoho is distinct in living up to its mission – our students strive to live with honor; engage life with passion; act with humility and delight in wisdom. I encourage you to come to our campus and see for yourself. Please reach out to our Admissions Team and allow us to show you the Donoho Difference!


Maggie Henderson

Head of Middle/Upper School

Philosophy & Overview

At The Donoho School, we seek to empower our school community to LEAD–to Live with Honor, Engage its Passion, Act with Humility, and Delight in Wisdom!  This mission statement drives everything we do at Donoho–from the programs we create to the courses and enrichment opportunities we offer.  A student at Donoho can expect to be offered the tools, rigor, and support needed to enter college fully prepared, ready to excel both at the college level and in the world after their studies have ended.

Education is a never-ending journey. Donoho strongly believes its curriculum and dedication to its students, combined with an outstanding faculty committed to excellence in all endeavors, provides a key part of that journey that is both impactful and transforming. A great school, however, goes beyond just its curriculum in its impact.  At Donoho we take pride in who we are outside of the classroom.  Service is stressed and required, and Donoho students work tirelessly to improve the community outside its walls.  We also work to build and nurture our own community where we celebrate the accomplishments of all, encourage and support our peers, and provide comfort and understanding when it is needed.  It is that sense of community and belonging coupled with our educational process that truly sets Donoho apart from other schools and creates friendships and bonds that last a lifetime.

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