Portrait of a Donoho Teacher

The strength of any organization lies in its people, and Donoho’s strength is its people. A Donoho teacher is one who appreciates the latitude to pursue the passion-based learning for their students that only an independent, college-preparatory school can offer. A Donoho teacher is a role model and a friend to their students, one who genuinely has their students’ best interests at heart.  There is an evident partnership, a bond that develops between a Donoho teacher and their students, parents, and colleagues that makes Donoho a special place to teach and learn. 

  • A Donoho teacher is supportive.  For children to succeed they need to feel supported both at home and at school.  This loving, nurturing support emboldens children to step outside their comfort zones and feel comfortable in taking risks.  This support extends beyond the classroom and into athletics and the arts, as our teachers are the biggest cheerleaders and supporters of our students.

  • Donoho teachers are effective communicators who understand the value of clear and consistent communication and how it serves to create a kindred partnership among teachers, students, and parents.  To this end, Donoho teachers understand how crucial effective communication is in assuaging fears and trepidation among students and how appreciated it is among parents.   

  • We appreciate the challenges that leaving home and attending college brings; thus, a Donoho teacher sets high expectations.  Students receive a college-preparatory education from highly-competent teachers, most of whom hold secondary degrees in their fields of study.  We patiently and compassionately encourage our students to embrace the opportunities presented while helping them positively adjust to setbacks that may be encountered along the way.

  • Donoho teachers are dedicated to their students and our school.  They go above and beyond in the classroom and outside the classroom in their commitments to supporting extracurricular opportunities for students.

  • As life-long learners themselves, Donoho teachers create opportunities in the classroom, through a variety of approaches, for students to understand, explore, and develop interests.  A Donoho teacher affirms Yeats’ belief that “Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.”

  • Donoho teachers demonstrate a passion for their subject areas.  This passion guides a pursuit to share with students the same love and devotion for their subjects that the teachers feel.  Ultimately, it shapes instruction as teachers seek to reach all students, regardless of learning styles and differences.

Donoho teachers have integrity.  This quality is evident in their day-to-day dealings with students, parents, and each other.  Furthermore, a Donoho teacher values confidentiality in all student affairs and does not engage in the court of public opinion either in person or on social media.  As role models for our students, this integrity guides teachers in their dealings with all in the Donoho community.