Portrait of a Donoho Graduate

Attend any of the poignant graduations that have become a treasured tradition of The Donoho School and a compelling composite emerges.  On the stage, one will see a picture of the type of person that makes our world move, a person who is prepared wholly to not only take on the world but to be an active participant in all that it will offer.

How can you recognize graduates of The Donoho School?

  • They are kind.  As a lifelong member of the Donoho family, a graduate understands the importance of being respectful, caring, and sympathetic.  Despite their talents and gifts, they value humility in life’s pursuits and the notion that above all, we appreciate sincerity in our dealings with one another.
  • They are leaders.  Having not only experienced the rigor of Donoho’s college-preparatory curriculum but having successfully navigated those waters, a Donoho graduate is a determined, goal-oriented difference-maker who seeks to make their world a better place. Ambition coupled with a loyalty to principles make them a light for their community.
  • They are good people.  Integrity and honesty are values that are found in a Donoho graduate.  These traits have been instilled from the first step on campus and have guided all decisions made socially and academically.  The Donoho graduate understands that all actions have consequences, and a disciplined pursuit toward “doing the right thing” equips them to succeed.

They are fun to be around.  A small community atmosphere has its advantages, and our graduates are open-minded and have learned to embrace differences and respect all.  They are well-rounded through their pursuits of interests found in athletics, enrichment opportunities, and the arts.  Exposure to these various experiences results in a graduate who is a dreamer, who is passionate, who is independent, and who approaches life boldly.