December: A Month of Giving to Donoho

The holiday season is upon us, and we would like to take this time to wish everyone a wonderful and safe ending to 2020. The month of December is traditionally highlighted by a unifying theme, community events, and celebrations and parties.  Unfortunately, the celebratory events are taking a COVID-19 sabbatical, but our theme lives on. This year’s theme for December: A Month of Giving to Donoho is Guiding Our Future because it is through the generosity of our community that the future of the school is safeguarded, that our faculty has the resources needed to prepare our students for the world ahead, and that our excellence and continued growth as the preeminent private school in the area is ensured.  This year more than ever, we need your support. COVID-19 has not only disrupted almost everything we do, it has also led to significant fiscal strain. The hiring of additional faculty and cleaning staff and the far greater cleaning and sanitation expenses make this year’s Annual Fund appeal so important, and we need your help.

The future may still remain uncertain, but our commitment to our students, families, and values remains as strong as ever.  Together, our faculty, administration, students, families, and alumni are Guiding Our Future as a community!