Head of School Blog: Reflections and Hopes for a New Year!

Posted January 8, 2019 | Discuss

As the second semester begins, I wanted to take a moment to reflect on the first half of the year and share my thoughts.  I want to start by recognizing how wonderful our new faculty members have been in making Donoho better. Their dedication to our mission and our students has been outstanding, and we are a better school because of their commitment and effort.  Along the same lines, we have been blessed with many terrific new students who have shared their talents with us all in many different ways. They, too, have strengthened our school.


I would be remiss if I didn’t acknowledge the many successes we have enjoyed the first semester, as well.  The football team made Fridays fun with their outstanding season and play-off run. The Trumbauer production entertained us all, and our terrific and talented actors, singers, and designers brought home numerous state awards.  Our new Lower School Robotics team competed for the first time and excelled after only a few weeks of work, beginning on their path to what is sure to be a very successful program here at Donoho. Less flashy but equally important is all of the wonderful service our students have provided to the greater community.  Donoho made the lives of many people better, and nothing greater can be asked of our students. Frankly, what could be more meaningful?


Now, it is 2019, and the second semester offers so many more opportunities.  New classes, new athletic competitions, and new artistic avenues are open for our students, and I implore them all to try something new to expand their experiences.  There will be ample opportunities to serve others and help make the school and the community a better place. I challenge our students to seize those opportunities. We will also be saying goodbye to our seniors, so I hope we all will let the seniors know how appreciative we are for what they have meant to the school.  In turn, leaders will be leaving. New opportunities in student government and other organizations need to be filled, and I ask all students to seek out those opportunities and become the leaders for next year.


A new year always provides a time to reflect on the past, celebrate what has been accomplished, and plan for the future.  As Roman author Pliny said, “From the end spring new beginnings.” As we return from the holiday break and begin the second semester, it is a time for new beginnings at Donoho, and I hope all our students take pride in what they have accomplished this year already while looking forward to the opportunities to grow, learn, achieve, and experience so much more.  The possibilities are endless.