Head of School Blog: September 2019

After a Summer Traveling the Globe : All Roads Lead Back to Donoho

It is always difficult to see summer come to an end. It brought a leisurely pace, less places you have to be and more places where you want to be, and the endless options to travel, explore, and serve. This past summer was no exception. Our students and faculty spanned the globe in search of new opportunities to learn, to experience, and to just revel in what the world has to offer. We had students travel throughout the United States, hitting the four corners of our great country. Many traveled abroad, touching down in Europe, South America, and Africa. They scaled the heights of Mt. Kilimanjaro, visited another time on the Galapagos Islands, and served their fellow man in rural Alabama. Summer is a time of both adventure and relaxation, trying something new or just enjoying what is so comfortable, making new friends in far off places, and spending quality time with the ones you love so much. That is the promise of summer.

The end of summer brings a new excitement. A new school year has come with new opportunities to learn and new friends to make. It’s a fresh start with limitless possibilities and a return to your other home and reuniting with those whom you have missed for the past two months. It’s a different journey than that of the summer but one that can be equally adventurous, enlightening and joyous. In ancient times, all roads lead to Rome. In our community, all roads lead back to Donoho. We are so glad they do. The sound of students laughing in the halls, the singing of the choir, the beat of the jazz band, and the whistles of practice signal the beginning of another great year.

This year we welcome sixty-six new students and three new faculty/staff members into our community. They have been nervous and anxious to meet their classmates or their students, but we are confident they have chosen the right community. Welcome them and let them know they were right in their choice. For those returning to their second home, prepare for another great year of successes and firsts, of building upon the past relationships that have meant so much, and of creating new relationships and new memories that will last a lifetime. The start of a new school year may mean the end of the joys of summer, but it begins the start of another year of endless possibilities.

It truly is a great time to be a Falcon!

David Noone
Head of School