Head of School Blog: May

As I look out over the school on my first (and last) day as Head of School, it makes me want to reflect on all of the great things happening, all of my wonderful memories of Lower School, and the excitement of stepping up to the Middle School next year.

As I walked around today, I saw many great things. First, I visited the Middle School where students were having an event called Garden Day. They were planting a Middle School garden for the first time.They were getting everything ready to plant their flowers and vegetables. There were also goats (They were so cute.)

Next, I visited a Spanish class with the 9th grade. I enjoyed talking to the 9th graders, Señora White, and learning about their Spanish project ideas. It made me reflect on all of the wonderful things about Lower School. There are many fun events that happen in the lower school, especially the Camp McDowell Farm School field trip. My favorite thing about the trip was milking a goat.

Another great part of the lower school is the teachers. I will be sad to leave them. I also have great friends in the lower school. I have a Reading Buddy in 1st grade named Sydney. I will miss her a lot, but I am very excited to move up to the Middle School.

Stepping up will be a big change, but I will get to do something I have been waiting to do for a long time. That is cheer. I will get to cheer for the Donoho Junior Varsity Cheer Team. Another thing I am excited about is the events. I get to do a lot of fun things like dances and other activities. I am also very excited to do band and choir. I love to sing and want to learn a new instrument.

This year has been amazing. I am thrilled to have more years to come at Donoho. I have learned many things from Donoho and I am excited to learn many more new things. I wish everyone a great end of the year and a wonderful summer. Don’t forget to sign up for Camp Donoho! Deadline for registration is May 20.

Addie Tucker

Head of School (For a Day)

April 24, 2019