Tuition Information

Tuition and Fee Schedule
Please click on the link below for the tuition and fee schedule for the school year shown.

2019-2020 Tuition Schedule (.PDF)

In addition to the fees listed, fees are assessed for students electing optional extracurricular activities and middle/upper school students electing travel opportunities during the annual Intersession program.

Payment Plans
The Donoho School uses the FACTS Tuition Management Program to handle tuition payment plans. You start the process online by establishing a payment plan account at their website. You can access the site by clicking on the logo below, or the link beneath it.

FACTS will send you a confirmation email with account information once you have completed the registration process.  Use the information in the confirmation email to set up your individualized My FACTS account online. With a My FACTS account, you can check on the status of your account, the schedule of payments still to be made, a listing of those payments already made, and a complete listing of all other account activity.

Already have a My FACTS account? Click HERE to access it.

If you would like more information about the company, feel free to visit their website ( to see the answers to frequently asked questions about their service. FACTS Tuition Management is the largest service provider in the industry serving schools in all 50 states. They have been in business since 1986 and specialize in working with schools like ours. * 800-624-7092 *
Contact The Donoho School Business Office at (256) 237-5477
for questions about fees and billing schedules.