Donoho Art Teacher Accepted Into Atlanta Art Show

Posted September 26, 2016 | Discuss

Visual Arts instructor, Sarah Landrum, was accepted into the show “46/21: 46 Million Slaves – 21st-Century Slavery,” an exhibition created and sponsored by The Art+Activism Initiative of The Women’s Caucus for Art Georgia Chapter.  The show included over 50 participating Women's Caucus for Art of Georgia artist members exhibiting work on the topic of human trafficking. Ms. Landrum’s art was displayed at the Mammal Gallery in Atlanta during the month of September.  Ms. Landrum addresses her work for this worthy cause:

“I think the first step in solving any problem, especially one that is hidden, is bearing witness and bringing it out into the open. One function of visual art is that it asks us to look at things that are often overlooked, whether that is something physically present in our environment, a social injustice, or something within ourselves. Artists tend to be hyper-aware individuals, and they become involved in social issues as a way of examining and reflecting the world.  The artist's "job" is to say “look at this! Think about this!". Having over thirty artists and over fifty works of art in a gallery on a busy street in a big city attracted a diverse audience to the space and raised awareness of the issue of human trafficking.”

The Women's Caucus for Art recently entered into a collaboration with the NYC-based "The Red Sand Project" as a way to engage the broader public.  The artist who created this project, Molly Gochman, uses red sand spilled into cracks in public spaces to symbolize the human trafficking victims all around us "falling through the cracks."  At the exhibit's opening on September 10, those attending participated in the Red Sand Project creating awareness in a colorful way. 

Ms. Landrum will be facilitating our very own "Red Sand Project" with Donoho's Focus Group.  She hopes that this will raise awareness, provide information, and spark ideas on how they as students can contribute in a concrete way to end human trafficking. 

Congratulations on your accomplishment, Ms. Landrum!  We are excited to see how we can join you in your efforts to make a difference.

Ms. Landrum's mixed media piece that was in the exhibit, titled "Pillow"

Ms. Landrum participating in the "Red Sand Project" in Atlanta