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Freedom Isn't Free by Matt Ford
Posted May 28, 2018 | Permalink | Discuss

In every small community in America, the month of May finds flags lining the main roads through town.  These temporary red, white, and blue monuments to those fallen in the line of duty serve as a stark reminder of the sacrifices that have been made in the name of freedom, and their presence marks the arrival of one of America’s more solemn holidays: Memorial Day.  

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30 Days of Thanks- Dr. James Hutchins, Head of School
Posted November 27, 2016 | Permalink | Discuss

I am thankful for such an incredible faculty and staff at Donoho.

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30 Days of Thanks- Caroline Clay, Third Grade Teacher
Posted November 26, 2016 | Permalink | Discuss

"I am thankful for the family I have gained since coming to Donoho last year."

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30 Days of Thanks- Trista Barrentine, Board of Directors
Posted November 21, 2016 | Permalink | Discuss

"As a Donoho parent of a 10th and 4th grader, I see so many things to be thankful for."

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30 Days of Thanks- Brandi Calloway
Posted November 18, 2016 | Permalink | Discuss

"I always knew Donoho was more of a family than just a school. I found out just how much when my husband passed away several months ago."

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