30 Days of Thanks- Polly Russell '79

Posted November 14, 2016 | Discuss

"I am thankful for Mrs. Cook, Mr. Davis and Mrs. Morris spending a countless number of hours teaching Wilson to read. Wilson started reading a bit slower than his classmates, and these teachers spent hours of one on one time with Wilson helping him catch up. My husband, Mark, commented that he would never get that kind of individual attention at any other school. I am proud to report that Wilson made a 36 on the reading portion of the ACT - now that is what I call the Donoho difference! That accomplishment is the direct result of the time investment that Donoho teachers gave to Wilson. I thank all Donoho teachers for the wonderful education my son received and is receiving in your classrooms. He will be well served next year because of the time he spent with you these last 14 years."
- Polly Russell, '79