30 Days of Thanks- Dr. Eric Wallace, Outstanding Alumnus '98

Posted November 14, 2016 | Discuss

"I think that my life journey has been influenced by Donoho in many ways. Now as an educator, myself, I think that the most important thing is not what is taught but how to learn. Donoho did a fantastic job in teaching how to learn and how to push and challenge yourself. The small size of Donoho was also a huge influence in my life journey.  I am and have always been pretty small and very unathletic. However, at Donoho, I was allowed to try and compete in anything.  In the JV football team, I was a lineman.  (I think my job was to trip people as they trampled over me to get to the quarterback.) On the track team, I threw discus. I would not have ever been able to even try these things at a larger school. But by trying, I learned that any skill can be learned with enough dedication and practice. This experience is what has had the most influence. An attitude that if I don't know about something I can learn about it and start doing it. "

- Dr. Eric Wallace, Outstanding Alumnus '98