30 Days of Thanks- Camryn Swain '16

Posted November 16, 2016 | Discuss

“Studying at Auburn with thousands of people and meeting hundreds of them with different personalities, hobbies, interests, and goals has truly been an eye-opening experience. Not only because I've learned to appreciate those around me, but because I've learned to appreciate where I've come from. And the family I came from, was Donoho. I’ve had to look back at old physics and calculus notes from my senior year. The second lab my physics class did was an exact replica of one I did in Mrs. Senter's physics class exactly one year ago. College classes obviously go much faster than high school classes, but when the professor skips over information and loses almost everybody, I at least of my high school academics to fall back on. Starting in ninth grade, Mrs. Taylor taught me how to organize my notes and memorize large amounts of data at one time. For two years, Mr. Ford's lectures fine-tuned my entire class' listening and note taking skills. Mr. Connell and Mrs. Otwell picked over my essays and critiqued me until my papers were covered in red ink. Because of that, however, I became a better writer and am now getting 100s on papers in college. All these skills are all coming together now as I enroll in difficult engineering classes. Donoho taught me how to be a leader and an opportunist. During every interview I have had for a job or scholarship, the interviewer is always confused and impressed. He/she asks how I was so well-rounded from robotics to drama, to sports and my answer is always, "I was given opportunities, so I took them all and ran." I am forever grateful for my Donoho family as they continue to support me even after I have graduated.”

- Camryn Swain '16