"From an early age, the importance of furthering my education was instilled in me by the teachers at Donoho. I was given an excellent education that helped prepare me for my undergraduate and masters degrees. My classmates and I were always encouraged to strive to do our best in any task that we set out to do. I’m thankful that I had teachers that believed in me, which helped give me the confidence to further my education and enter into a very competitive career path.”
Gilda Osborn, '09

"When we moved here 10 years ago, we started searching for an educational environment for Cailin that would cultivate a love of learning and strong character. We were searching for a place where she would be challenged academically, nurtured emotionally, and where she could develop friendships among her peers. My husband and I were also searching for a group of parents that shared similar expectations for their children. We found all of these things and more at The Donoho School. Since enrolling in PK4, Cailin has been afforded numerous opportunities where she has been challenged, nurtured, and encouraged. She has learned from failing, she been praised for exceeding. Cailin has been inspired to LEAD. We are thrilled to be on this journey with a school family that shares our vision for a successful and complete educational experience! Donoho encourages our future LEADers to be independent contributors in our community."

Jill Campbell
Mom of Cailin, '22


"The Donoho School is a solid investment in a child’s future. The tuition we have paid has been returned to us in the form of happy, well-adjusted teenagers that recognize the value of hard work, responsibility, and dedication to task. The teachers and staff at The Donoho School care deeply and the results of their labor show in the lives and outlook of our children."

Rodney Gibson
Father of Jarod '15, Emma '17, and Sarah '19


“Donoho instilled in me a moral compass and, more importantly, an urgency to put those values into action. I’m grateful that Donoho prepares its graduates to unsettle, rather than sustain, the status quo.”
Vaughn Stewart III, '07

"Donoho has given and we are thankful! It gave our children a place to feel at home when they moved to Anniston in grades 1, 4 and 5. Through the years, God has used Donoho in many ways in our lives. Most of the blessings have a face and name. 

Our daughter's gift of leadership was sparked when Donoho chose her to participate in the YLCC program (Young Leaders of Calhoun County) in 11th grade, and Donoho's football program lead my middle child to earn a scholarship to play at Berry College. The robotics program saw our youngest's dream become a reality when he made a beautiful electric guitar from a scrap of wood. Thanks, Falcon family!"

-The Nelson Family
Matt, Millie '86, Kelly '15, Reaves '16, and Will '19

"Because of Donoho's reputation for scholastic excellence, it was the only school we felt comfortable sending our children to when we first moved here. Now after having all our children graduate, we believe that the reputation is well deserved."

Dr. and Mrs. Pankaj Kashyap
Parents of Nisha '11, Raj '14 and Sonia '18

"I value the Donoho experience for our 3 kids as a former Donoho student. I want our children to have the best education along with many different opportunities to experience the arts program as well as the sports programs, and the extra clubs and programs that are offered at Donoho. The family atmosphere and staff make it the best choice for us. Thanks for the Donoho difference."

Ann Porteous Angell, ‘77
Mom of Ashby ’08, Cowan ’13 and Pitts ‘17

"As a native of Calhoun County, I have always respected the exceptional opportunities Donoho has provided to students of all ages. Now as a faculty member and parent, I have a new understanding and appreciation for the difference. As a parent, I am more than ever grateful for the chance my daughter and son have to be a part of Donoho. As a teacher, I am honored to work with a diverse background of motivated, well-rounded students sustained by engaging parents and families. Combined, these experiences have provided me with evidence that the Donoho difference is irreplaceable, and I am honored to be a part of the Donoho family."

Mrs. Anna Taylor
Science Department Coordinator
Science Teacher - Upper School
Mom of Callee, '26 and Reid '32

"Amazing... As I'm back in my old junior high and high school stomping grounds, I'm reminded of my immense good fortune to have had the most wonderful teachers, role models, helping hands, and generous hearts around me as I stumbled through my childhood here (Donoho). There are no words powerful enough to thank them for what they did for me... and meant to me. Thank God they were there... I am and will be forever grateful."

Suzy Hoube McLellan, '84