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A Letter from our DPA President: Jill Campbell

Dear Donoho Family,

My name is Jill Campbell, and I have the pleasure of serving you as the Donoho Parents’ Association President for the 2018-19 school year.  My daughter, Cailin, is a 9th grader and has attended The Donoho School since we moved here from Atlanta in the middle of her Pre-K4 year. When we arrived to Donoho, I knew I wanted to volunteer and be involved in her new school. With a degree in education and nine years of teaching experience, I understood then and appreciate now how helpful a positive parent volunteer base can be.  Although it was daunting and a little intimidating to jump right in to a brand new experience, I soon realized the wide array of opportunities that existed, and it didn’t take long to get involved. The DPA (Donoho Parents’ Association) welcomes those looking for opportunities to serve our school, the students, and the community.  

This year, the DPA will hold monthly meetings on the third Tuesday of every month at 8 a.m. in DPA room in the Middle School building. Please accept this invitation to attend. We have an opportunity to work together as a team with the school to enhance the programs our great staff already provides.  During these informal meetings, different officers and chairpersons will provide reports regarding the activities being held within our school, along with any upcoming events.

One of the daily services the DPA provides is our lunch program.  Without parent involvement, this program simply is not possible. We always appreciate smiling faces willing to serve our students.  The simple task of serving lunch once or twice a month requires a small amount of time and zero preparation. You even receive payment in the form of sweet smiles and maybe even a few hugs!

Throughout the year, the DPA hosts several events in collaboration with the school.  In the fall,  we host a mum sale fundraiser, a book fair, a fall festival in the lower school and a school-wide tailgate party before one of our football games.  After winter break, we host a daddy/daughter dance and our largest fundraiser of the year. This year the fundraiser will be something new and fun, our first annual Donoho Derby! We also manage Falcon Pride, an entity of the DPA that works throughout the year directly with the Athletics Director, coaches, and community to enhance our sports programs.

Simply by being a member of the Donoho family qualifies you as a DPA member!  I encourage you to get involved, “engage your passion,” and share your gifts--perhaps even discover gifts you didn’t know you possessed!

I’ve been immensely blessed by the Donoho family and feel extremely fortunate to give back to the family that provides so much. Contact me if you are interested in joining me.  Feel free to call or text me at (770) 367-4487, or come to one of our DPA Steering Committee meetings to meet a great group of people willing to donate time to benefit our school, the staff, and most importantly, the students!

Kind Regards,
Jill Campbell, Mom to Cailin, class of ‘22

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