Donoho Robotics Advances to South's B.E.S.T. Competition 

October 23, 2017

Congratulations to the Donoho Robotics team!  The team finished 2nd overall at the B.E.S.T. Robotics Competition held on Saturday, October 21st.  The award includes Engineering Notebook, Marketing Presentation, Booth and Booth Interview, Spirit and Sportsmanship, and Robot Performance!  The team advanced to South's B.E.S.T. Competition and will compete on December 2-3 in Auburn and will include 58 teams from 5 states. 

Below are the awards the team received: 

1st Place T-shirt Design 
Carlie Coleman, James Perry, and Hannah Salame
1st Place Software Design 
Bryant Barrentine and Camden Kitchen
2nd Place Webpage Design 
Liily Zhu
3rd Place Booth Design and Construction 
James Perry, Carlie Coleman, Hannah Salame, and Upper School art students 
3rd Place Spirit and Sportsmanship 
Donoho Robotics Team
1st Place Marketing Presentation
James Perry, Cole Runyan, Hannah Salame, Sam Payne and Liily Zhu
2nd Place Engineering Notebook 
Tyler Johnson, Ash Reddy, James Perry, Carlie Coleman, Bryant Barrentine, and Camden Kitchen

Builders/Drivers: Harrison Han, Bryant Barrentine, Camden Kitchen, Alex Chen, Tyler Johnson
Junior Builders and Members: Caeden Patten, Matthew Belcher, Eric Gaines, Gabe Truss, Diya Sengar, Gracie Sheppard, Riley Johnson, Tristan Smith, Judson Billings

Congratulations to the robotics team and their hardworking, dedicated sponsors, Mrs. Anna Taylor and Mrs. Megan Meade.