Chloe Cater Takes the Show!

January 21, 2020

Chloe Cater, a junior at The Donoho School, is no stranger to long practices, rigorous competition, and learning new material in a time-crunch situation. These qualities, combined with her artistic talents, came together recently and earned Chloe an impressive spot in the AVA All-State Show Choir (ASSC) Ensemble that performed recently at the AMEA (Alabama Music Educators Association) Conference in Montgomery.

Chloe was chosen from a large number of auditionees from across the state of Alabama to be a member of this prestigious ensemble.

Jennie Wall, Choral Director at The Donoho School, attended the conference and said it was the best ASSC Ensemble performance to date. Wall had great praise for the recent performance.

Wall stated, "Chloe lights up on stage. She has the talent and control that makes for really good ensemble singing. Show tunes and choreography make this kind of experience so rewarding for the kids. It was a great success for Chloe and the ensemble as a whole."

We are so proud of Chloe for pursuing her love of performance.