Middle School

The Donoho Middle School, adjacent to the Upper School and constructed in 1989, houses grades 7-8 and features an academic program designed to meet the specific educational needs of young men and women preparing for the rigors of a college preparatory education in their high school years.  Emphasis is placed on the traditional academic courses of English, mathematics, science, and social studies, but an additional Humanities component is included to introduce study skills and rhetorical thinking while also exposing students to language foundations in Latin to set the stage for the study of Spanish or French at the high school level.  

All middle school students are enrolled in physical education unless they choose to take advantage of the musical opportunities in the Band and Beginning Choir programs which are geared specifically toward students in the middle school.  In addition, in order to reinforce the study skills emphasized in each course and minimize the homework load in such a challenging academic environment, all middle school students have at least one scheduled study hall during the school day.

Like the Upper School, the Middle School incorporates an educational opportunity known as Intersession for a week in the spring semester, during which time students in grades 7-8 have the chance to take a trip to different locations around the country, including New Orleans, Savannah and Charleston, and Orlando (Disney Youth Education Series).  The purpose of this trip is to allow students the opportunity to engage in cultural study outside the walls of the classroom and gain a unique perspective of the many flavors of our great nation. Donoho feels that is an integral part of a balanced total curriculum that is not only challenging but also necessary to prepare middle school students for the academic challenges that lay ahead in their high school years.

Grade 7 Curriculum
English - Grammar and Mechanics, Writing and Literature
Science - Life Science  
Mathematics - Pre-Algebra
History 7 - Technology and Innovation
Humanities - Study Skills, Literary Reasoning, Latin
Elective Options - Physical Education, Beginning Band/Choir, Explorations in Coding

Grade 8 Curriculum
English - Grammar and Mechanics, Writing and Literature
Science - Physical Science
Mathematics - Algebra I
History 8 - Survey of American History
World Languages - Intro to French and Spanish
Elective Options - Physical Education, Beginning Band/Choir, Explorations in Coding