Health & Wellness

The Donoho School Health and Wellness Initiative supports students, teachers, staff, and community members of The Donoho School as each individual develops his or her own unique holistic potential through physical, emotional and social practices. The goal of the Health and Wellness Initiative is to promote positive short and long-term health and wellness outcomes for our Donoho community.


Speakers Series

As part of our 2019-2020 Health and Wellness Initiative, The Donoho School will present a Speakers Series to address topics vital to the health and wellness of our students, teachers, staff and community members.  Presentations will be announced on this page and on our social media sites.



Knowledge is a great tool for keeping your student safe in an online world. Here are some of our favorite resources for increasing awareness.

Common Sense Media: Age-Based Reviews on movies, tv shows, books, apps and games

"Screenagers: Growing Up in The Digital Age" Tech-Talk Tuesdays


Maintain a healthy body through balanced
nutrition, physical exercise,
and a positive body image.
View our resources on Physical Wellness.

Cope effectively with stress,
develop emotional intelligence,
strengthen resiliency skills,
and engage in problem-solving techniques.
View our resources on Emotional Wellness.

Contribute to your academic, professional,
social and spiritual communities
by applying your
unique skills and talents in ways that
cultivate meaningful connection.
View our resources on Social Wellness.