Donoho Robotics

Implemented into academic curriculum as semester long course or enrichment offering

  • Designed with a focus on S.T.E.M. education and Engineering and Design Practices

  • Collaboration with faculty, staff, and students in all divisions and subject areas

  • Opportunities to learn engineering, coding, 3D printing, CNC routing, and much more!

  • Opportunities for Area, Regional, State, and National competitions through BEST and VEX Robotics


Graphic of the engineering design process (created by a student):

Screen Shot 2016-11-03 at 2.16.05 PM.jpg


First Semester Robotics is dedicated to all areas of the BEST Robotics competition which includes an engineering notebook, marketing presentation, trade booth, robot design, coding, and much more. This all-inclusive approach to robotics provides all students with the hands-on experience needed to not only design and engineer a task-specific functional robot, but students must market the robot, work on a budget, write code, create a webpage, delegate tasks to team members, and document the entire process in an engineering notebook.



2015 BEST Competition Awards: Falcorp Robotics



2016 BEST Competition Awards: Southern Robotics




2016-2017 Southern Robotics Team






Alex Chen, Mihir Patel, and Harrison Han incorporate math, engineering and technology as they evaluate the dimensions of the telescopic arm.

Through robotics, students have the opportunity work with the CNC router. In this picture the router is being used to produce the wheels for a robot, but it is also used to produce set pieces for the drama department.



Students from the upper school, middle school, and lower school contributed art to produce these large props for the lower school drama production of The Lion King, Jr.  in Spring 2016. The artwork was digitized and cut using the CNC router.



Members of the Donoho Robotics team, Harrison Han, Jake Walker, and Cole Runyan, visit a Kindergarten class to demonstrate how the robot works and answer questions about the design and process.



Bryant Barrentine prepares to drive the robot during the 2016 Bet the Field BEST robotics competition.



Cole Runyan, James Perry, and Lili Kaplan, members of the BEST marketing team, work the trade booth during the competition. The marketing booth placed first overall while the team’s marketing interview took second place.  Combined Donoho’s robotics team placed third overall and was award the BEST Finalist Award.




During the 2017 VEX competition season, students in the enrichment course were the main developers of the VEX robot. In this picture, Tyler Johnson, Alex Chen, and Liily Zhu prepare to compete in the Ohatchee Creekbank VEX competition. 



Donoho student, Camden Kitchen, used the 3D printer to bring his biology project to life! Camden printed over 100 individual pieces on the 3D printer to produce a replica of his Design a Species project.