Donoho Robotics

Donoho Robotics, Engineering and Design 
  • Implementation into academic curriculum
  • Collaboration with faculty, staff, and students in all divisions and subject areas
  • Competition through B.E.S.T
  • Establishment of Maker Spaces to embrace the Maker

Students competed in two separate robotics competitions, B.E.S.T. And VEX Robotics. There were a lot of pitfalls along the way to competition, but that is the essence of "Thinkering," learning to do something that you have never done before by trial and error. 

Each student was involved in 3D-design opportunities that challenged him or her to solve real-world problems. For example, in the lab students measured and designed safety caps using Design Spark software and printed out their prototypes on the 3D printers.

Later, design opportunities were student chosen and included an arrowhead, a top hat, and a couple of different golf tee designs.

The CNC router gave an opportunity for each student to design a wooden, carved sign of their choice.  The router was also used to convert student art designs to foam props that were used in the lower's schools play "The Lion King Jr.," along with props for prom. 

Displayed below are an electric guitar body and a 3D- printed dragon.

Will Nelson, rising Donoho sophomore, put a whole new meaning on "making music" by creating an electric guitar completely from scratch! ‚Äč