Donoho Difference

ALL SCHOOL – Grades PreK – Twelfth Grade
  • Donoho was one of the first to be dually accredited by The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) and the Southern Association of Independent Schools (SAIS). 
  • Donoho is a member of the Alabama Independent School Association (AISA).
  • All members of the faculty are accredited by standards of SAIS/AdvancED and their teaching field.  Seventy-one percent (71%) of the faculty have earned graduate degrees.
  • Private music lessons are offered to students in grades PreK– twelfth grade. They have the opportunity to study piano, strings, guitar, and voice with various private music teachers on campus during the school day. Students may take a lesson during PE, recess, or study hall once each week. Over thirty percent (30%) of our students participate.
  • A highly qualified guidance counselor is available and active in working with all students – grades PreK – twelfth grade.  
  • Our technology infrastructure is strategically designed to support, rather than in place of the teacher. The program includes wireless access campus-wide, including athletic fields.
  • An interactive learning management system provides information on scheduled school programs and activities. Included is a syllabus updated weekly reviewing all academic assignments and scheduled activities for all students – grades PreK -12th grade.
LOWER SCHOOL – Grades PreK – Sixth Grade
  • PreK and K5 programs with an academic emphasis – far beyond a daycare or playschool curriculum.
  • Foreign language exposure including French in grades PreK, and Latin in grades 5 - 6 .
  • Art instruction scheduled weekly, beginning in PreK. In addition to studying major artists and the elements of art at age-appropriate levels, students get to work with such diverse media, such as tempera, oil pastels, watercolors, chalk, pencil, pen and ink, colored pencils, acrylics, ceramics, weaving, monoprinting, and collages.
  • Music instruction scheduled weekly, beginning in PreK.
  • Technology exposure begins with our PreK class, and formal computer science classes are taught beginning in the fourth grade. All classrooms have filtered internet access. Grades PreK - 3 classrooms are equipped with a set of classroom iPads, and grades 4 - 6 require a personal iPad. The recently renovated lower school tech space is equipped with MacBook Airs, including a mobile cart for classroom check-out.
  • Physical education with a curriculum that stresses lifelong fitness is scheduled daily in the Lower School along with daily recess in grades PreK - 6.
  • On-campus after school care is available daily.
  • Achievement tests administered annually in grades 3 - 6 as a means of assessing the school program, as well as student progress. 
UPPER SCHOOL- Grades 7-12
  • 100% of our graduates have enjoyed college acceptance to the finest colleges and universities in the country.
  • For the past seven years, graduating classes have averaged a composite score of 27.0 on the ACT (21.0 national).
  • All students complete a minimum of three high school years of foreign language. 
  • Students may enroll in advanced courses in all subject areas, as well as dual enrollment and AP opportunities in all disciplines.
  • Intersession is a one-week program of off-campus career exploration, educational trips, and on-campus enrichment course options which offer students practical experiences not possible within the confines of the normal classroom situation.
  • All students participate in co-curricular programs (e.g., athletics, performing arts, visual arts, academic clubs, and service organizations).