Director's Welcome

Welcome to The Donoho School!
My name is Russ Connell, and I am the Upper School Director and an English teacher here at Donoho. Donoho is a special place where students work together with caring, compassionate faculty in an environment that fosters growth on so many levels.  “Peer pressure” is a phrase that carries a negative connotation, but I often tell people that there is a type of peer pressure that exists at Donoho that is unique, but more importantly, POSITIVE.  At Donoho one quickly finds a support group of students and faculty that offers a “positive” pressure to excel.  Here students understand that college readiness is the destination, but it is also a journey that one does not travel alone.  Students who come to Donoho are greeted with the support of our college counselor who begins working one on one with students their freshman year to track their GPA’s and provide individualized college counseling.  Additionally, with a low teacher-to-student ratio, students experience the support of teachers who are passionate, life-long learners who value the necessity of open communication with students and parents while being available through one-on-one tutorial opportunities.  So, as you can see, peer pressure does exist at Donoho, but our brand of peer pressure helps students to feel confident and equipped for college.  
Donoho’s storied academic tradition speaks for itself, but what I love most about Donoho is hearing the stories of the alums who come home to visit during their freshman year!  These are stories that reflect how prepared they felt at college, or how they tutored their sorority sisters, or how they felt that they struggled in English composition at Donoho only to be the go-to editor for their new friends in their dorm! 
This tradition continues to grow as we are moving forward empowering students to LEAD, to Live with Honor, Engage their Passion, Act with Humility, and Delight in Wisdom!  This mission statement drives everything we do at Donoho, from the programs we create, to the courses and enrichment opportunities we offer.  A student at Donoho can expect to be offered the tools and the rigor and the support needed to enter college fully prepared, and that is, after all, what a college-prep education should be.  Thank you for visiting us, and we hope to see you on campus very soon!
Russ Connell
Upper School Director and English Teacher
Dad of Edwin '20 and Estella '24