Camp Donoho Online Registration

Complete the form below to give permission for your child to participate in Camp Donoho 2019.

Registration forms are due by Monday, May 20, 2019. Only those who have completed registration with payment will have a guaranteed seat. Complete registration includes a submitted registration form and payment received. Please be sure to complete all steps below.

If a registration form is received before May 20 but with no payment, your registration will be invalid and marked incomplete.

Camp Registration / Consent Forms may also be mailed or faxed using the following downloadable forms:
Send completed forms to:
Camp Donoho 2019
The Donoho School, 2501 Henry Road, Anniston, AL 36207
Fax: Robin Arnold | The Donoho School 256-237-6474
Phone: 256-237-5477
**Please Note: Your student's spot will not be held unless
both registration form and payment is received!**

The Donoho School Medical Consent & Waiver

I give permission to any staff member to seek medical treatment for my child in case of emergency. I hereby agree that I will not hold The Donoho School or any members of the Camp Donoho 2019 staff responsible for any loss, damage, or injury incurred while participating in the camp activities.


The Donoho School Media Release

The Donoho School uses photos and video for promotional materials and/or The Donoho School web page and/or social media. Student names do not accompany photos. The Donoho School will retain ownership of and the right to edit any photos. If no preference is indicated below, the school will assume that permission has been given for the use of photos and video.


Summer Camp Offerings

Visit for camp instructors, descriptions, and more.

* Chess set included in price
* Grades 3-12
* Instructor: Jay Dill, Precision Driving School
* All course material must be completed by June 30.
* This course is a credit earning course exclusive to Donoho students.
* This course is all online, but it does not fulfill the online course requirement for graduation.

Aftercare & Early Room Offered at Donoho Lower School

Offered at Donoho Lower School in the Aftercare room available for grades K-6. Lunch is not provided.
Please call 256-237-5477 or email for more information.
Aftercare must have a minimum of 5 participants a week in order for the service to be available.