Lower School Running Club Logs 691 Miles

April 17, 2017

The inaugural season of The Donoho Lower School's running club for 4-6th grades came to a close on Wednesday, April 12, with some tasty snacks and some special awards.  The season began in early November.  Practiced runners who had participated in local races in the past came out to get in some miles with their friends.  Others, who were entirely new to the sport, learned about pacing, technique, stretching, and warming up while sharing the experience with other students. The goal for the year was to complete a 5K race, and more than 20 students from the running club participated in the DPA 5K Color Run on April 8!

Once the season ended, 32 participating runners had logged a total of 691 miles around the track at Donoho's stadium. Recognition was given to those runners who came out on the coldest day of the year and ran without complaint. These members of the "Polar Bear Club" showed a bit of the toughness and tenacity runners develop when they truly enjoy the sport.

Every member was recognized for his or her mileage totals and special awards were given to the following male and female top mileage winners:

Top Males Runners:
Adam Salame
Sean Keel
James Benkwith

Top Female Runners:
Lindsey Brewer
Ryals Jones
Mya Pearson

"So many people at The Donoho School had a hand in making this dream of mine come true.  Jean Jaudon and Paige Faulkner deserve special thanks for their encouragement, support, and help.  The real heroes of the season are the runners - each of them - for embracing the idea of a running club, and their parents for helping make it happen.  I hope to see many of you cross the finish line for years to come!"

- Donna McKinnon, 4th Grade Teacher & Lower School Running Coach